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Hello, my name is Jeanette. I will confess up front that this is not the name my mother gave her little boy, but it is the name I have chosen for myself when I am "en femme" - in other words, when I am dressed in women's clothing.

Cross-dressing, or transvestism, is not a new phenomenon - indeed, it's as old as recorded history. In Native Indian cultures, cross-dressers were revered because they were considered to have two souls. Alas, in today's society, cross-dressing is still looked down upon by the mainstream, or treated as entertainment (ie: performers in drag).

The internet is helping change that. Many TV (transvestite) "girls" set up websites that document their experiences and serve as an inspiration for those that follow. And as we gain more confidence, more and more of us are venturing out into the world while dressed, proudly proclaiming: yes, I'm a TV, and I'm proud of it. Wanna make something of it? :-)

But many girls are still quite hesitant to put up websites and/or register their own domain names because of the possible link that may be created between their TV persona and their male alter-ego. There are still a lot of bosses who would fire us for this, a lot of families that would disown us, a lot of wives that would leave us.

I have personally gained much from all that other TV girls have done for those of us who have followed. So it is my goal to try to give something back to this wonderful community, by offering a free Google email account in the "" domain.

How It Works

Quite simply, I'll set up a private email account for you.

I do not need your name. I do not need your address. I do not need your phone number. I do not need ANY personal information about you.

And that's basically it. For more information or to take me up on this offer, please email me at: